Monday, May 7, 2012

Antioch Books a Hit with PC!

This past Friday, May 4th, PC elementary students from Gerena Elementary had the unique opportunity of interacting with non-fiction children’s books that were crafted specifically with PC students in mind.  These incredibly thoughtful and original texts came courtesy of Smith College faculty member Carol Berner’s graduate class from Antioch University in nearby Keene, New Hampshire.

The books from the students at Antioch were wildly diverse, with some hands-on books that taught the art of paper cranes and friendship bracelets, and other books outlining the steps to cleverly and cunningly getting away with passing gas around others.  Whichever book our students picked up on Friday, they had a great time and learned something new- the ultimate combination!

Project Coach would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of the graduate students who put such an incredible amount of thought and effort into their work.  Their ideas and creativity were stimulating for students, coaches, and teachers alike and they should all be proud of how their books sparked an elementary classroom.