Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet the PC Team - Marquis Taylor

My name is Marquis Taylor, and I'm a graduate teaching candidate at Smith College and a Project Coach Fellow. My long term goal is to lead a youth based non profit that focuses on building leaders by reconnecting youth to learning.

My interest stems from my own youth. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and I had the privilege of using basketball as my vehicle to broaden my horizons.

Currently, my goal is to begin a program in Brockton, MA for the summer of 2011. I am learning how vital networking and building relationships are especially in the non profit world. Between traveling to meetings, school, coaching, and Project Coach, I have been able to develop great relationships that have allowed me to meet some influential people from Stephen A. Smith (ESPN analyst), Jim Calhoun (UConn Head Basketball Coach), Tim Moore (Quinnipiac University Head Basketball Coach), and Ed Cooley (Fairfield University Head Basketball Coach).

As a result of these meetings, Fairfield University Men's Basketball Coaches and Project Coach will be setting up a time for our high school coaches to see a high level Division 1 basketball game, and meet with coaches and players, on November 8th (see our blog for a write up soon after!).

Ed Cooley, who is also a Stonehill College graduate, is a dynamic and energetic coach who will truly leave a lasting impression on our high school coaches. I am excited to be apart of the process and look forward to giving our high school coaches a new experience.

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