Friday, March 11, 2011

Basketball Season

On Tuesday Project Coach began its basketball season. Some Blue Shirts had never coached before. Natasha, a new Blue Shirt, said she was excited and nervous to begin. Before the elementary school players came many of the Blue Shirts and a Red Shirt, Kuna, played a game of knock out. Once the fourth and fifth graders from Gerena, Brightwood and Lincoln arrived they were escorted to different gyms where they met with their Blue Shirt coaches. Each of the three gyms was split in half to accommodate all the players who sat down in a circle to play a couple of name games, introducing themselves to each other. The players then got into a huddle on one knee and the Blue Shirts explained the rules of the games they would play which included Shark and Red Light, Green Light. The Blue Shirts would call out corrections to the players like "when you run, always dribble" during the games. After the games the teams who shared gyms lined up and shook each others' hands. While one Blue Shirt commented that he had trouble with the chemistry between some of his players who had brought their fights from school onto the court, the session ran smoothly.

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