Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Literacy Initiative Launched With Great Success!

Dear Project Coach Friends and Supporters -- please see below for a quick recap of our newest literacy initiative, by Academic Director Greg Rosnick!!

Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph and Mia Hamm- these legendary sports names are just some of the sports stories that third, fourth, and fifth graders are reading about this season in Project Coach during our new sports-based children’s book initiative.

Last week’s reading program continued to introduce the children to strong sports characters, as they read about the legendary Pittsburgh Pirate, Roberto Clemente. Clemente was a proud Hispanic man with undeniable talent. But as the children at Project Coach found out, he was more noteworthy because of his undying charity to his fellow man.

Roberto Clemente Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates.jpg

After reading the book “Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates” by Jonah Winter and completing activities concerning Roberto’s story, all nine Project Coach classes took part in a friendly competition. Each class came up with a placard inscription that could be placed beneath the sign of Roberto Clemente Park, which just so happens is the very field on which Project Coach Soccer practices and games are played.

The following placard is the winning entry, submitted by Gerena 5th Graders Axsel and KC. Congratulations guys!

“Roberto Clemente was a great baseball player and man. He was a proud Puerto Rican who stood up for himself and inspired people. He helped people with his charity. Sadly, he died on December 31st, 1972, flying to help earthquake victims. We will always remember him as a great baseball player and a great man!”

Roberto Clemente Placard Winners.JPG

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