Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Coach returns to Camp Cromwell @ BCNY!

Although hard to believe that a year has passed since a fresh-faced cohort of graduate "redshirts" arrived on the beautiful 180-acre summer home of the Boy's Club of New York in July 2011, the latest additions to the Project Coach team set off early this past Saturday morning to work with another incredible group of young men from the three city clubhouses that form BCNY.

After shaking off the early-morning blues with a series of fast-paced icebreaker games and teambuilding activities, our redshirts got to work quickly on implementing an intensive 2-day "bootcamp" designed to get our new cohort of coaches up to speed with all the knowledge and techniques that they would need to be successful when bus-loads of eager campers arrived on campus on Monday morning.

With the support of the Physical Directors from the three clubhouses - Manny Maldonado, Norris Gordon, and Jaime Sanchez - who will oversee the implementation of Project Coach-style programming in their buildings during the course of the school year, our coaches-in-training quickly immersed themselves in the hands-on Project Coach curriculum, and before long were out on the courts and fields putting their new skills to the test as they adopted the role of coach for the first time, and led their peers through a series of "Games Based Approach" activities that they would later roll-out in their activity plans with the young campers.

In true Project Coach and BCNY fashion, our new cohort acquitted themselves admirably as they ran an action-packed basketball and soccer schedule for over 60 members of the Harriman Clubhouse on Monday, followed by equally fun-filled sessions for the Gerry and Abbe Clubhouses on the two subsequent days. Our coaches are now thrilled to be rounding out the week with a return visit from the Harriman boys, and can't wait to try out a whole new repertoire of games to keep their campers engaged and eager to keep perfecting their sports skills. Stay posted for more news of ongoing collaborations with PC and BCNY!

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