Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art by Loeb Rosario with the Letter 

           Each year, as a part of an existing grant from the Global Sports Foundation, our teenage coaches create art that depicts drug-free sport, good sportsmanship, clean competition, and equal playing field. It is an excellent opportunity for our youth to reflect on the morals of sports and coaching, to see the positive ways dedication to sports and coaching influences their lives, and to share their experience with others through art. Often, our coaches work with Smith College Art students to improve their creative expression and truly capture their experiences in Project Coach. As one of the many partnerships and additional initiatives we run, this artistic expression gives our coaches another excellent outlet and mode through which they can reflect and emote. 

          This year we were pleased to hear that the art made by one of our long time coaches, Loeb Rosario, was chosen to represent Global Sports and Project Coach at the London Olympics and Paralympics. His art was "so impressive" that Global Sports made it a larger poster and displayed it at the University College London to be seen by current and former Olympians, members of the Olympic Committee, and the London community. This is an honor and excellent recognition for both Loeb and Project Coach. As Loeb prepares to start his freshmen year of college (he started with our program in 8th grade), this is a recognition he will surely cherish. 
          As we begin our season this year, and have our coaches creating more art, this will surely be a welcome motivator and reminder of the power of sports, coaching, and artistic expression to change the lives of youth, to teach values, and to help adolescents grow and develop. We are so pleased to continue the partnership with Global Sports, and to continue to work with coaches like Loeb who inspire all of us to find our passions, dream big, and work hard. 

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