Friday, February 22, 2013


Last weekend, February 16th and 17th in Ainsworth Gymnasium on the Smith College campus, Anna Hallman sat on her stationary bike and proceeded to ride, direct, coach, and DJ eight hours of spin classes.  This monumental feat of endurance, riding well over 100 miles, is quickly becoming known as "The Ride."  Is Anna Hallman crazy?  The short answer is: maybe.  Anna is a red-shirt-in-waiting, and she wants one thing that a lot of people in Project Coach want--more female coaches in leadership positions.  To do that, we have to match a $5000 grant which will go to paying two new female purple shirts.  So no, Anna isn't entirely crazy, she rode to help raise money to match this $5000 grant.  She wasn't alone, as a slew of Project Coach members joined her for portions of the ride, as well as Smith students and faculty.  The weekend was an incredible success, raising just north of $565 and giving all who rode a great workout.

If you missed us last weekend, there's still plenty of time to donate!  Here's the link:

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