Monday, June 17, 2013


It's sad and exciting to be on my way out.  I had a great experience in Springfield and Northampton.  I recently accepted a job to teach English and Economics at Avon Old Farms in Connecticut.  The key skills I've honed as a red shirt are relationship-building, patience, and persistence.  Each of those traits will serve me well when I am running my own classroom.  It was also eye-opening to be a part of a small non-profit organization and to see the complex inner workings that go into our programming.  I'm fascinated by business and youth development, and Project Coach toes that line every day.

I wish we had more time with our blue shirts, but I'm sure there is a talented crop of red shirts to pick up where we left off.  I'll do my best to check in with Kyle, Madison, Joanuel, and Gabe to make sure they're still working toward their goals.  My advice to people involved in Project Coach going forward is use your unique talents to add value to the program.  Project Coach is growing and dynamic, it is possible to significantly impact curriculum, fundraising, and networking efforts if you work hard.  If you go through the motions you won't get as much out of the experience.  All the best!

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