Sunday, October 21, 2012


            Dressed to the nines, 15 coaches and 6 adults stood outside Symphony Hall awaiting the start of an exciting night. In spite of the rain, the steps to the historic building were filled with people coming out to see a unique orchestra all the way from Puerto Rico. Thanks to our partnership with the New North Campus Coalition, Project Coach was able to invite all of our coaches and staff to attend this formal, and important, cultural event. Sharing an auditorium with incredibly talented musicians, multiple dignitaries (including the mayors of both Holyoke and Springfield), Project Coach enjoyed three hours of beautiful music. 
         During the performance, many of us exchanged whispers about how amazing the violinists were, how the vocalist gave us chills, and how inspiring it was to watch the orchestra play. During one song, Efrain (a veteran coach in our program), translated the beautifully sung Spanish lyrics to help some of us better appreciate the tragic love story being told. The peak of the performance, a rendition of the score from West Side Story, captured the history of clashing cultures and the hope of cultures coming together and living in harmony. Notably, the audience listening to this score was a magnificent mix of Springfield's many cultures, ages, and backgrounds. 
        After intermission, it was announced that tickets to this symphony guaranteed a free ticket to an upcoming classical orchestra visiting Springfield. The moment after it was announced, all of the teenage coaches looked down the line with excitement and commented that they couldn't wait to attend that one as well. As coach Efrain Lopez commented about the night, "It was like a breath of fresh air. I loved the combination of Hispanic culture and classical music." The experience certainly made an impact on all of the coaches, and PC is already scheduling the second orchestra outing. 

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