Monday, October 29, 2012

Texas' motivational speech

Texas captivates his audience with a great message about working towards success!

          During our last Monday night coaching academy session, Texas (a graduate fellow or Red Shirt) delivered an amazing motivation speech about wanting success and how to work towards it. His speech told the story of a young man who wanted success very badly and sought the help of a famous guru. The guru agreed to help and told the young man to meet him at the beach at 4am the next day. The young man complied, showing up in a suit. The guru, instructed the young man to walk into the ocean until he was up to his neck in water. The guru held the young man's head under water and let him up just before he passed out. The young man, convinced the guru was crazy, was relieved to catch his breath. The guru told the young man that when he wanted success as badly as he had just wanted to breathe, then he will get it. Texas used this story to explain that wanting success is great, but without hard work, heart, utilizing your resources, and setting goals that success will remain elusive. 
          Texas shared that in order to work towards success, people must surround themselves with individuals who are already where they want to be. Many coaches nodded their heads and even said "yes!" out loud after this statement. Texas shared how many of us around the table have people who say they are there for us and supportive, but in reality are not. He pushed the coaches to find people who will help them towards success and spend time with those people. The room broke into smiles when he described inviting all of your friends over and then surprising them with a study party! 
         Towards the end of the speech, Texas moved towards a focus of Project Coach -- Goal Setting! He explained that goal setting needs to start with short term goals and "winning the day." Only by winning the day can you hope to win a month, a year, or a few years. Many coaches nodded in agreement as Texas spoke about setting small goals that lead you to success. After his speech, the whole group clapped vigorously. Then our teenage coaches split up into their home teams and discussed with their Red Shirt what resonated with them. They also worked to set new SMART goals and discuss possible obstacles. This was a very timely activity for our group since grades for the first quarter of high school close this week. Many of our coaches continued to reach out for more help academically during the week, and quite a few coaches asked for help in addition to the usual tutoring sessions. Clearly, Texas' message was well received by all! 

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