Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PC @ Amherst College hoops clinic!

February 13, 2012

This past Monday evening, Project Coach staff and coaches made the 40 minute trek north to Amherst, MA for an unforgettable night with the men’s and women’s basketball teams of Amherst College.  

As the blue shirts are gearing their teams up for their first competitive games against the other local elementary schools, a trip to Amherst’s gym came right on time.  After all, both of the Amherst squads find themselves at or near the top of the national rankings for Division III basketball and their expertise and fine-tuning should help our coaches think about how to better prepare their own teams for their upcoming games.

Though the night got off to a bit of a late start, Connor Johnson, the Senior men’s guard from San Diego, did a wonderful job of having both of the teams prepared for our coaches when we arrived.  They were split up into different skill stations, where they led our coaches through drills that focused on passing, dribbling, defensive footwork, shooting technique, rebounding, and other essential skills.  Their expertise was evident and our coaches did their best to soak up as much as they could.

After the stations had drawn to a close and before the teams and coaches shuffled out to catch the last of the dining center’s dinner, the Project Coach staff and coaches had the opportunity to talk briefly to Coach Dave Hixon and Coach GP Gromacki, who touched on the importance of team dynamics and the of mentorship.  

Loeb Rosario, a Senior from Central High School and a Project Coach veteran, spoke for the entire organization when he brought the night to a close with a nice wrap up and a sincere thank you

Thanks again to the Amherst men’s and women’s basketball teams and best of luck in the upcoming NESCAC and NCAA tournaments!

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