Monday, February 27, 2012

PC in France (part trois) - Coach Jon Cotto

France est tres belle!!!!!

Je m’appelle Jon.  Je suis de Springfield, MA . Je suis en France comme une parte d’une programme d’echange ITD/Project Coach. France est tres belle!

I said it twice because I wanted to emphasize its beauty. I’ve been in France for eight days already and in the past two days I spent a whole day with someone from Marseille  and I also went hiking.

On Saturday I spent the day with a friend, Mostafa Annan.  It was better than what I expected. We went to a lot of places, but the first place we went to was the store because I didn’t have a camera. After we got my camera I met his family. They were great. His mom is an awesome cook. She made a Lebanese  meal.  Mostafa shared some of his past with me and it affected me pretty deeply. We ended our day with him giving me a tour of the Marseille.

On Sunday the group went hiking. Hiking is actually on my bucket list so when I get back I get to cross it off! Anyways, when we started walking up a hill I thought we already started hiking… but I was wrong. I faced a lot of my fears on the hike like going up ladders and being high up in the air close to edges with nothing to hold on to. There was many beautiful views that I have never seen in my life in Les Calanques, as they call them. When our guide told us he was going to take us to one of the most beautiful views I didn’t know what to think. When we got to our view I got nervous because the wind was so strong it moved me. So I was worried I would fall. But at the end it was worth it because I am one of the few people who can say I went hiking in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… Marseille, France.

-Jon Cotto, 18 years old
February 27, 2012
Marseille, France


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