Thursday, February 23, 2012

PC in France (part deux) - Coach Efrain Lopez

France is amazing! The people are great, the city is beautiful, and of course… ALLEZ L’OM!

The past two days have been crazy.  We went to the American consulate yesterday and met Diane Kelly, the American Consulate General.  We also met with Doug Brice, the NCIS agent in Marseille.  It was here that we learned about Varian Fry, the American that helped a ton during the Nazi occupation of France.   But there were two events that I wanted to talk about the most.

Shortly after our visit to the consulate, our group went to a local high school to talk to two French classes.  Both of the classes that we met were English classes, so most of the students spoke English pretty well.  But there were still a lot of awkward moments when we didn’t understand each other.  We did realize, though, that the only major difference between them and us was the language. If it wasn’t for the distance, I really believe we could become the best of friends. They listen to almost the same music, play the same games, and for the most part do the same things when hanging out with friends.

Shortly after that we went to our second basketball club in Marseille. We taught them the games we play with our Project Coach kids and they really seemed to love them. We played dribble knock out, 3 vs 3 no dribble, and hot spot. They enjoyed our high energy games and the especially love that there were no lines.  We kept asking them if they were tired (“Vous etes fatigue?”), and they would playfully yell “No!!!!!” But they kept asking for water, so I’m pretty sure they were lying.  After an hour and a half of 12 year olds, we had 9 and 10 year olds.  And then we had a whole other basketball club to visit.  It was a crazy day of basketball but the kids and their high energy kept us going the whole time.  We were all wiped out after that but we had a great day.
      Efrain Lopez (19) - Project Coach 
Marseille, France
February 22, 2012

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