Monday, October 19, 2009

"Flipping the Switch"

In the latest Coaching Academy, Smith graduate student Greg Rosnick talked to our coaches about the ability to "flip the switch" when adapting to different social and academic situations. Using the neat analogy, and a presentation that showed a "day in the life" of his own encounters, coaches were captivated by the notion that they can present in particular ways to particular audiences in effective and productive ways.

The idea stemmed from a Friday morning staff meeting in which we wanted to really stress the importance of being able to "turn it on" when coaching at PC sports sessions. As a collaboration between the "redshirt" cohort, an interactive lesson was devised encompassing not only Greg's presentation, but a series of experiential role-playing scenarios that allowed coaches to feel at first-hand the importance of creating a lasting, positive, impression on those around them.

A well deserved end-of-session dodgeball game capped off a great start to the Project Coach week....

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