Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Presence, Enthusiasm, Energy

"Knowledge is not enough to get desired results. You must have the more elusive ability to teach and to motivate. This defines a leader; if you can't teach and you can't motivate, you can't lead."

Coach John Wooden

As we move into the third week of our sports program, we are still looking for those vital missing ingredients that will continue to push the program forward to the level of excellence that we desire. Inspired by the words of Coach Wooden, we wanted to focus a concerted effort on allowing our coaches to make their "Presence, Enthusiasm, and Energy" felt in meaningful and powerful ways. We pride ourselves on giving our coaches the tools that they need to succeed, and helping them develop the ideas and concepts that will serve them well in their leadership roles. But what use are these ideas and concepts unless they can be delivered in a manner which inspires, motivates, and energizes players? Once in a while, you just have to get back to basics....

On a windswept field late this Monday, 22 coaches were humming, singing, bellowing, and contorting their diaphragms in all other kinds of unique ways to really feel what it's like to exercise a powerful coaching voice. We had talked about it, seen it on video taped footage, and modeled it ourselves, but nothing really says "wow....THAT makes a huge difference" than experiencing it for oneself. After a few more experiential practices - including holding a conversation with a partner at 50 feet - and a whole lot of laughs, it was time to put our new found coaching voices to the test....

Test 1 - Deliver a personal statement before leaving on Monday describing your proudest moment in Project Coach thus far with "Presence, Enthusiasm, Energy"....Result -- A big improvement on the previous week.

Test 2 - Describe today's sports session plan to twelve 3rd graders bursting with energy, in a way that says "I'm a confident coach that's ready to match your energy...and then some..." -- A knockout success!

Seeing coaches make the realization that they can be a coach that exudes "Presence, Enthusiasm, and Energy" - and the added power that this then gives their ideas and concepts - is a wonderful reminder about why we do what we do.

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